You can’t control what people think …

… but you can control what you give them to think about. 

A thought is a terrible thing to waste. So why would we offer “food for” that doesn’t nourish our brand? 

“But isn’t a brand the logo?” No. Some experts say:

  • “A brand is a promise.”
  • “Your culture is your brand.”
  • “A brand is the intangible sum of a product’s attributes; its name, packaging, and price; its history; and the way it’s advertised.” 😮‍💨

Hmm, okay. That all sounds a bit esoteric. Perhaps they’re right; they are the experts, after all. However, may I suggest that: a brand is simply a reputation, the thoughts that come to mind when eyeing a logo or mentioning a company name. 

Truth Bomb: A brand is whatever it is perceived to be. 

It’s a faulty rationale to fabricate a brand message that pressures you to buy more, FOMOs you to need them, or guilts you into cultural compliance. Instead, establish a message that informs authentically and achieves understanding reliably. It is imperative that you Communicreate™ your brand message by:

  • clearly defining your values,
  • clearly aligning your values with your vision, and
  • clearly explaining why your values and vision lead to viable buying decisions.

Communicreation™ nurtures unshakable brand perception founded on trust. 

Some folks would live and die for a brand. You must admit, so would you. But not THAT one! Why not? It’s simple: because of your thoughts and feelings about THAT company due to the lack of congruency between its message and its actions. And that’s okay. That’s how it works.

Your customers will be thinking something about you. What are you giving them to think about?

I thought so. Let’s chat. 


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