Growing your business is hard.

Maybe you don’t know where to begin. Maybe it’s overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know what you don’t know. From the best-sellers’ use of buzzwords and acronyms to the mysterious forces behind motivating salespeople and keeping them accountable, soloing your way to more money is complicated. What can you trust? How can you see clearly through the haze?

And say you do reach out for help. Will a business guru work well with your team? Do you bring in a marketing firm? A sales coach? New software and technology? Will a cookie-cutter approach yield the change you need? Will someone else’s solutions work for your business? After all, you know your industry and company better than anyone. Will they get it? Will they get you?

But it doesn’t have to be.

We understand your concerns. We started Burgard asking very similar questions, like: Is what we’re doing tailored to solve the real problems? Can we honor our client’s investment and their customers’ investment in them? Is there a better way?

Our answers were, “Yes!” 

Would you like to know more? Does it make sense to talk? No pressure and no promises. If we aren’t a fit, let us at least point you in the right direction.

We are Burgard, a Consulting Agency.

Our list of services include:

Strategic Consultation

Strategic Consultation for Revenue Growth

Many clients have ideas of things they “need” to do to grow their business. Sometimes they are right. Other times someone else is happy to take their money and do whatever the client will pay for; no questions asked—because it’s “just business.”  

At Burgard, we start by asking “Why?” first.

It might feel like all we do is ask questions. Be assured, seeking understanding is critical to establishing your success plan. Our clients find immense value (dollars in sustainable yearly growth) in our process of: 

Evaluation: Getting to know you, your objectives, your business, your systems, your team, your competitors, your market, and what you’ve done on an intimate level in the context of your growth goals. 

Planning: Creating a customized plan focused on taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

Execution: Partnering with you to complete each step of the plan, tweaking it along the way, and re-evaluating at regular intervals to ensure we meet objectives and develop new goals that make you profitable.

Repetition: Doing what works for you over and over again—until it doesn’t. Then repeating the process.

  • Strategic alignment consulting
    • Strategic alignment audit
    • Strategic alignment plan development
  • Business development consulting
    • Business development systems analysis
    • Sales manager coaching
    • Sales team development planning
Holistic Planning

Holistic Planning for ROI on Every Front

You see it everywhere—business development, sales, marketing—perceived as separate skill sets, departments, or priorities. Too often, business development coaches come with little or no real-life experience of their own. Sales consultants jump at the chance to sing the praises of a new CRM and promise how they’ll have your sales staff churning through cold calls in untold numbers! Marketing firms hard-sell their run-of-the-mill “secret sauce that sets them apart.” They promise clicks and impressions, when in reality the fuzzy math does nothing to bring you closer to a return on your investment.  

Where business development starts and sales and marketing begins are blurred lines and different for everyone. No matter the delineation, the strategic alignment of all systems defines a marketable business, selling is what brings in the money, and marketing sets salespeople up for success. At Burgard, we dig deep into what makes your business hum, ensure each person and component are on the same sheet of music, and that everyone is singing the same tune. That’s our proven process. That’s what you need to ensure you will be generating the business you want. 

  • Business systems development
    • Business systems evaluation
    • Business systems alignment
  • Sales systems development
    • Recruiting services
    • Sandler Sales Training®
    • Communications coaching
  • Marketing systems development
    • Marketing evaluation
    • Marketing strategy
    • Marketing plan development
    • Marketing plan implementation
    • Public relations

Brand Consultation

Brand Consultation to Ignite Loyalty

Perception is reality. Your brand will move people—to or away from you. From your values to the experiences you promise, consistently telling the same story with passion communicates love and trust to the people that matter most: your customers. And a brand that resonates truth gets them not only to buy but to buy-in! 

Burgard provides all necessary branding and consultation services. More importantly, we bring thoughtfulness and a deep understanding of human buying behavior to bear, ensuring your brand message speaks clearly to customers, old and new.

  • Brand consultation
    • Brand evaluation
    • Brand development
    • Values-based positioning
  • Creative services
    • Print design
    • Custom photography
    • Advertising

Digital Consultation

Digital Consultation for Amplified Reach

For most businesses in 2021, a robust digital presence is imperative to growth. The typical one-size-fits-all approach, however, is sure to decimate a budget and not yield results. 

When clients ask us about a specific online strategy, such as “We NEED a Facebook campaign. Can you do that?” We always respond the same way: “Who told you you need one? And why? What are you looking to achieve?” The answer is often, “Everybody else is doing it” or “We need a quick cash injection.” That’s all well and good, perhaps, but your digital footprint is only one step on your journey to financial success. 

Burgard offers a full suite of digital services. We combine these with our consulting expertise, business systems integration, brand development, and marketing prowess. Our strategy enables you to be fast, agile, and adaptive to the needs of your marketplace. Considering the whole picture is the only way to ensure that each facet of your business growth plan works hand-in-hand with your sales team to generate revenue—not just to enrich another digital marketing firm. 

  • Websites
    • Design & development
    • Page content
    • SEO
    • Analytics
  • Social media
    • Strategic planning
    • Content development
    • Posting to all platforms
    • Audience engagement & growth
    • Audits & training
    • Blogging
    • Analytics
  • Digital advertising
    • Pay-per-click
    • Retargeting
    • Sponsored content
  • Email marketing
    • Audits & planning
    • Content development
    • Campaign execution
    • List development & segmentation
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Video production
  • Virtual reality
  • Commercials

Did you learn something new, or perhaps you have a question? We’d love to hear from you!

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