What do you want from me?

It’s Not About You.

Here’s a little secret—success in selling isn’t just about pushing your product; it’s about understanding and addressing your prospect’s professional as well as personal (emotional) needs. Sometimes, in pursuing a sale, we can get a bit too enthusiastic and forget that the key to a successful pitch lies in the prospect, not the product.

I once attended a networking event and, as usual, I was itching to connect and espouse the fantastic benefits our marketing firm offers. However, I soon found myself engaging in an unexpected and heavy sidebar exchange with a potentially ideal client prospect. Instead of diving into our product details, the conversation immediately veered to the personal issues he was facing, issues our services could not address. Not surprisingly, our discussion went beyond business potential and, instead, to which person within my network would make a good fit to handle his REAL problem. We found someone, they were introduced, and his problem was solved.

Everybody Wants Something (else).  

You may have what someone wants, but it’s not what you’re selling. Try to discover these other needs and offer help before pitching your wares. It’s like extending a hand before introducing yourself. People appreciate genuine concern, setting the stage for a more meaningful sales interaction. When you help with an unrelated problem the prospect faces, it opens the door for a more receptive conversation about your goods and services later. Consider ways to:

  • Facilitate introductions to other problem solvers.
  • Invite them to scour your LinkedIn connections for potential business opportunities.
  • Offer relevant free advice before pitching a sale.
  • Be a good listener.

It’s All About the Both of Us.

What was the outcome of my networking event? It was remarkably reciprocal. Shortly after helping my new friend fill his unrelated need, he not only invited me to pitch our services to him and his entire team, he insisted on it. We still do business together. Business grounded in mutual trust, transparency, and selflessness—three bedrock core values that are the foundation of our Communicreation℠ philosophy, resulting in unshakable brand loyalty and long-term relationships.

In a world saturated with sales messages, being the person who genuinely cares about the customer’s well-being sets you apart. 

So, what do you want? Let’s chat. 


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