The mysterious distance between a brand and a critic.

Your brand may be great at talking, but is it listening?

Brand critics have many forms; customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders, and community members. They come with self-interested motives, one-of-a-kind problems exasperated by emotional quotients, and more excuses to ignore you than reasons to adore you.

So, what are we presenting to our critics to judge? Quality, service, and price? User experience, social cred, or a sense of inclusion? I get it; you’re special, you’re unique. You have this feature and that benefit. They must “wear” your brand and do it now! And we must market and message to make it so!

The distance to brand loyalty is as far apart as your ear is to your mouth. 

It is imperative to understand that folks value brands that genuinely listen to their needs, concerns, and feedback. A brand that Communicreates℠ treats every interaction as a two-way conversation. It listens first and responds appropriately second.  

Unfortunately, brands that talk more than they listen often miss valuable opportunities to build trust and create meaningful connections with their audience. They may adopt a one-sided communication approach, constantly pushing their messages without truly understanding the demands or issues of their audience.

Are you listening to your employees and customers and letting them tell you if you’re right or wrong? Try these simple conversation starters:

  • Encourage feedback through surveys, social media polls, and reviews.
  • Prominently display support channels and use live chat.
  • Train your team to ask for input, whether from customers or employees.

In short (literally), any business is about six inches from being difficult to relate to, undervalued, and forgotten.

What happens between them talking and you listening is what WE call your brand. And that crucial conversation is essential to Communicreation℠. 

I’d love your feedback. Let’s chat. You talk. I’ll listen.


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