The best worst pizza in town.

How a Pepperoni Pie Changed My Business

There’s a to-go pizza shop close to home. I call, they deliver—and I love it! The rest of my family? Not so much (they have their reasons). Yet, I prefer THIS one to the half-dozen other shops in town. So, I asked myself, “Why?”

Pizza is typically an easy end to a busy day or a party main dish everyone enjoys. What I want is hot, fast, cheap, and good. Here’s what this shop says about their pizza; it’s hot, fast, cheap, and good.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t buying pizza. Through thoughtful marketing, that shop set clearly defined and well-managed expectations for me whenever I place an order. I know what’s coming and HOW I’m going to get it (hot, fast, cheap, and good). And they do it every time. See, the pizza, and everything else we buy or sell, even Burgard Agency’s creative services, is just a commodity. Let me say that again. What we sell is a commodity—you can get a facsimile of it anywhere. What makes it indispensable is HOW it’s delivered. HOW we deliver our commodity IS the product. And that product’s emotional quotient becomes the brand.

Despite what you’ve sold to your customer, their experience with your company will be what’s felt deepest—especially the bad ones. If the mere mention of your name elicits excitement, anticipation, and positive vibes, you’ve got the makings of a solid brand. That is Communicreation℠.

You may want to think about the following:

  • Is every aspect of your business rooted in your core values?
  • Do the folks in your organization buy into the company’s core values?
  • Do you promise your customers a result they can believe in based on those core values?
  • Do you deliver that result exactly as you promised?
  • Do you deliver that result exactly the same way every single time?

Yes, our customers have needs, and there’s nobody better than us to fill them. We’ve all got our secret ingredient, this dash of feature, that sprinkle of benefit, or a side dish of added value that makes us the “best.” Serve it cold, late, and with the wrong toppings; it doesn’t matter what your special sauce is. There’s another shop just around the corner.  

If you’re not delivering, someone else will. 

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