Spell check is your worst enema.

When hitting UNSEND is not an option.

Keying in the last up-to-the-second data statistic, the presenter nervously waits for the PowerPoint to arrive, save, hit send, YIKES . . . the client’s name is misspelled. Clearing out on an end-of-a-long-week bloated inbox and a late high-priority email with a day-late response, reply, hit send, OOPS . . . you just apologized for any incontinence. 

“Wait, I ran spell check?” Guilty? We all are.

We’ve become dependent on these tools because they’re convenient, compliment our workflow, and save time; plus, we know were not perfect. But, neither is spell check. Don’t get me wrong. Spell check is a lifesaver. And Grammerly? What a beautiful thing. It’s suggestions with structure, style, and tone teach you how to improve your writing, not just proofread for typos. 

There are myriad mistakes spellcheck won’t catch. For example:

  • Dates, times, and numbers
  • The wrong name
  • Verb tense
  • Formatting errors

Poorly written correspondence reflects on YOU. Error-ridden communications create red flags the reader cannot ignore. Trust building? Probably not. And if your brand matters to you, nothing should be more important than the every day care you invest in nurturing relationships through thoughtful writing. 

Did you find the 8 mistakes spell check missed? If not, the answer is below.

Are you concerned about how your brand reads? Let’s chat.

  1. . . . inbox of late . . .
    Error not caught: Redundant use of the word late
    • . . . compliment our . . .
      Error not caught: use of the wrong word; should be complement
        • . . . know were not . . .
          Error not caught: missing punctuation; should be we’re
          • . . . Grammerly?
            Error not caught: Misspelled brand name; should be Grammarly
            • It’s suggestions
              Error not caught: The use of “It’s” instead of “Its”
              • . . . mistakes spellcheck . . .
                Error not caught: Inconsistent use of appropriate spellings (spellcheck, spell check, and spell-check are all acceptable)
                • . . . the every day . . .
                  Error not caught: “Everyday” is a compound word adjective
                  • . . . the 8 mistakes?
                    Error not caught: Numbers less than 10 should be spelled out
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