Social Media for the Building Industry 101: Part II

Last time we discussed some basic questions building industry companies have about social media, and we shared some facts and procedures on where and how to start. (Check out Part I.)

This week, we’ll break down some questions about how to work on social media internally—and with outside help. 

Can we use an internal person to do our social media?  

It depends! We typically suggest organizations consider three criteria when evaluating their existing staff for social media competency: 

What is the goal for your social media? Are you hoping to grow B2B relationships? Promote a B2C storefront? Grow a Facebook private group following? Build an audience on Instagram? Dial this in first. It’s important.

How much time can this person/department devote to social media? Regardless of your goal or platform of choice, consistency is the most important component of a social media strategy. Does your chosen person or department have regular dedicated hours to consider strategy, evaluate goals, create content, post content, and monitor and observe metrics to refine actions over time? They need to. 

If their social media experience is largely personal, or they were chosen for being the office millennial or zoomer, does that experience really transfer? Growing a personal following (especially based around content that someone is passionate about) is a lot different than growing a solid foundation of followers for your business.

Should we use an outside firm or agency? 

It depends! We suggest considering the following three criteria to evaluate current or future sources: 

What metrics matter to YOU? Many agencies and social media folks love to review impressions, clicks, etc., to demonstrate how “successful” the campaign was. Was that your goal? Did you ask them for clicks and impressions? If your real goal was to increase sales and grow your business, their metrics, in some way, need to speak to this. If they are uncomfortable dealing with concepts and ideas outside of impressions, find a new source.  

What do their clients say? With so many businesses selling services that vary wildly in quality from one agency to the next, getting referrals from real humans at other businesses is key. Ask them (if you didn’t do this before hiring them, now is a good time to ask anyway). If they cannot furnish human beings you can call to learn about the quality of their services, look elsewhere.  

Do they only do social media? Unlike many industries, companies in the building industry rarely have a broadly appealing consumer product or service that is placed in a cart. Sales cycles involve quotes, estimates, proposals, purchasers—and the list goes on. You need an agency that understands these processes and has experience marketing and selling with builders. If this isn’t their expertise, consider finding an agency with strong building industry clients!  

What can I do today to move forward in selecting someone to handle our social media? 

Call us. We rarely self-promote in blogs, but we’re happy to hear where you are and to suggest a next step, even if that step doesn’t include using us!


Did you learn something new, or perhaps you have a question? We’d love to hear from you!

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