Social Media for the Building Industry 101: Part I

It feels like a lifetime since Facebook became so ubiquitous that everyone from your grandparents to the tiny restaurant down the street has a page. It’s all over our phones and computers—and it’s referenced in every TV show and movie. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine life without it. And yet, for many businesses realizing growth from social media remains elusive, ESPECIALLY in the building industry. 

Today, we’re going to share some common questions about social media and some next steps to ensure your business isn’t missing out on growth (or wasting valuable time on platforms that don’t fit your goals).  

Should we be doing social media? 

Unequivocally, yes. Yes, you should. Although it can feel daunting, like a time-waster, or just plain something you wish didn’t exist, social media is here to stay. And to fail to take advantage of its reach is to leave money, growth, and connections on the table—right where your competitors would like you to! You simply must engage. 

What social media platforms should I be on? 

It depends on your type of business, sales funnel, and goals. Are you a design/remodeling studio that partners with homeowners to create beautifully renovated bathrooms and master suites? Instagram and Facebook are great places to connect with potential clients to show off head-turning before-and-after photos. Are you a building supply company looking to find new accounts and work with purchasers and estimators? LinkedIn is full of engaged professionals you want to connect with for calls and meetings to discuss what your business can offer. Are you a large home builder that develops subdivisions? A multipronged approach offers value on both ends when your business deals with businesses as well as consumers. 

Do I need to post every day? And what do I post? I’ve heard so much conflicting advice.

Perhaps the least satisfying but most honest answer you can ever receive applies here: it depends. For some companies, a high volume of consumer-facing content offers value. For others, a targeted messaging campaign to grow relationships is the correct move. What matters most is doing the right things specific to your business. Beware of marketing firms happy to sell you gold/silver/bronze (or other labeled) packages that provide cookie-cutter strategies. They always work for some companies, and they are always total fails for others. 

What can I take away today to add value to my social media or marketing strategy tomorrow? 

Start with your sales funnel. How do you acquire new customers? What kind of folks do they tend to be and where are they? What kind of platforms are THEY using? This should be step one—whether you do things internally or hire an agency to assist you. Be very wary of any social media process that does not start here. Without a tailored approach to your business, a social media plan can quickly eat up time and money, and yield disappointment.  


Did you learn something new, or perhaps you have a question? We’d love to hear from you!

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