She says she wants a new pair of shoes.

But what she really wants is to feel elegant.

Let’s talk about buying shoes. When we view it from a sales perspective, it’s a straightforward problem: product + customer = transaction value. This equation sums up what we’ve been taught about crafting our marketing conversations—emphasizing the product’s features, benefits, and unique selling proposition to promote a sale.

Find a need. Fill a need.

Feet need shoes. Woman has feet. Woman needs shoes. Hence, the practical requirement is fulfilled. However, by walking the well-worn path of promoting the features and benefits of our products, we often neglect a vital question: “Why?” Why would she want your brand of shoes on her feet? Are we asking about her pains, passions, or pleasures and how they relate to footwear? Furthermore, are we telling her that we care?

Desire behind every purchase.

Desire is a powerful motivator, acting as a potent force that fuels our decision-making process. It encompasses a range of less-than-practical needs, from basic physical requirements like hunger and thirst to emotional longings such as love and companionship, and even our aspirations, like striving for a particular goal or dream. A brand that Communicreates℠ aims to uncover and comprehend these often-unspoken desires and then clearly demonstrates how to satisfy them.
The marketing conversation takes an intriguing turn when we shift the equation to internalized desire + caring fulfillment = values transaction. Meeting our customers’ desires stands at the crossroads of understanding “why” and embarking on a brisk walk toward building brand loyalty.
To make values connections with your marketing:

  • Know your target audience—their values, beliefs, and what matters to them.
  • Ensure that your messaging aligns with your brand’s core values.
  • Avoid using values solely as a marketing tactic; instead, genuinely embrace these values in your business operations. 
  • Share compelling stories that illustrate how your brand embodies its values.

Walk a mile in her shoes.

Remember, you’re just a commodity. There are plenty of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. To be the right fit, knowing what brings you and your audience together as a pair is more critical than what sets you apart from the competition.
Understanding why you exist and why anyone would care is the sole, I mean soul of Communicreation℠. 
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