Strategic Goal

Help an original fitness product brand go digital, increase sales, and compete with copycats for more significant revenue.


While YogaJellies succeeded at creating a revolutionary fitness product, sales were not growing as fast as needed, and knockoff manufacturers in China had flooded the market with low-cost, poorly made alternatives at a price point and volume that was cutting into their sales. 

After a market analysis, marketing material analysis, a review of the brand, and an examination of competition, we executed the following steps to drive growth: 

  • Develop a website appealing to key demographics with a new, higher price point commensurate with the product’s quality and value. 
  • Develop a new visual identity that spoke to the high-end, higher-income fitness consumer. 
  • Discuss client distribution channels and develop a strategy to compete on Amazon and other major online retailers.
Launch Project
Online Store Development
Branded Collateral
Display Branding

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