Strategic Goal

Increase sales and visibility for Wilbur Chocolate—Cargill’s sole confectionery retail brand.


Understanding the nature of changing demographics and retail trends through a deep dive into Wilbur’s marketing and sales methodologies, Burgard executed numerous creative projects from branding elements to public events with the following priorities: 

  • Reinforce buying habits from existing brand loyalists (gen X and baby boomers with families) through an appeal to classic small-town Americana. 
  • Bolster new revenue streams like online ordering to capture new customers (gen Z and millennials). 
  • Tie these groups together to form a synergistic consumer ecosystem, cementing Wilbur Chocolate as an intergenerational family tradition.
Package Development
Offline Sales Systems
Product Placement Consultation
In-store Way Finding
Public Relations and Event Planning
Brand Development
Tourism Promotion Strategy

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