Utility Keystone
Trailer Sales

Strategic Goal

Help the marketing director establish a digital marketing strategy.


Burgard performed an in-depth audit of Utility Keystone Trailer Sales’ online presence—then provided a comprehensive strategy. In partnership with their marketing team, we brought focus to PPC campaigns, monitored visibility and made SEO recommendations, and offered ongoing reporting to lower cost-per-conversion, increase click-through rates, and aid in time-on-site leads. In their Marketing Snapshot Report, the client stated: 

“We set a record for sales leads in one month for June. Then, shattered it in July while at the same time hitting an all-time record web session average. We also continue to outpace our competition in search visibility.”

Digital Marketing Audit
Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Consultation Reporting
Strategy Effectiveness
Multi-touch Market Expansion Strategy
Multi-touch Market Expansion Strategy

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