Homestead Outdoor

Strategic Goal

Evaluate a failing marketing strategy, solve a perpetual stagnant sales problem, and meet or exceed 7% growth in the first year.


Following a detailed analysis as well as analytics research about their industry, market, and existing customers, we created a comprehensive marketing plan. Execution of the plan involved the creation of marketing materials speaking at once to a specific Anabaptist culture and contractors outside the community and included: the development of a newsletter, website redesign, sales coaching, sales script development, secret shopping, and lots of content creation. With all marketing and sales channels synced and aligned with strategic messaging, Homestead achieved 11% total revenue growth during the first year and up to 35% growth annually since.

Growth Strategy
Launch Project
Website Development
Launch Project
Client Education Channels
Launch Project
Client Education Channels
Identity Systems
Value-added Communications
Advertising Strategy
Client-nurturing Event Planning

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