BCF Group

Strategic Goal

Guide an insurance company to revenue growth in a crowded market where services are perceived as equivalent commodities and clients race to the bottom for the lowest upfront price.


While BCF Group is known for excellent response times and a friendly staff that goes above and beyond for clients, their desired growth was elusive. Prospects weren’t appreciating their unique offerings and, in some cases, were not gravitating to long-term savings! Past experiences with marketing firms were scattered and failed to elicit a clear system to leverage for successful sales follow-up.

Burgard performed a deep dive into insurance industry trends and reviewed relevant marketing materials and sales strategies. Ultimately, we realized BCF Group needed a sales and marketing ecosystem where these two sides of the same coin cooperated synergistically and purposefully. Burgard has since developed and implemented systemic campaigns based on specific sales priorities that incorporate marketing materials, follow-up outreach, and one-on-one sales coaching to ensure successful conversions with ideal prospects.

Branding Positioning
Marketing Evaluation
Marketing Plan
Digital Ad Campaign
Public Relations
Direct Mail
Blog and Email Campaign Support
Launch Project
Video Production
Client Nurturing Tools
Multi-touch Campaign
Multi-touch Campaign

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