Pie or cheesecake?

How do you measure marketing ROI?

By sales conversions, of course.

It’s not unusual for a client to ask our firm, “If I hire you, what will be my ROI?” We immediately counter with, “Sales. How many, how large, and how long do you want it to stick with you?”

Therein lies the challenge: pie or cheesecake?

It’s normal to want to grab as big a piece of the ROI pie as fast as possible. Most marketing initiatives begin with this in mind. MORE and NOW is good for the bottom line! It’s how we measure success, right? Maybe. Experience has taught us that strategies like this lead to some immediate, albeit unreliable, results. Even so, the syrupy fillings and thin crusts of these campaigns don’t leave consumers with a meaningful experience. The concepts generally lack depth and focus only on a transactional value (for the company). As soon as the value is met, the customers forget! And now our client needs to cook up another flash-in-the-pan marketing recipe to entice those same customers back to the table.

On the other hand, what if we gauged marketing success by ROI cheesecake instead? Super-size servings are out of the question, but mmmm, isn’t that slice rich? Isn’t it filling? Isn’t it satisfying? Cheesecake ROI customers stick around. They savor the experience, and will recall how deliciously you Communicreated℠ with them by:

  • Serving their VALUES before selling transactional VALUE,
  • prioritizing THEIR needs over YOUR company’s wants, and
  • relating to WHY they make buying decisions and not HOW you can get them to buy.

Communicreation nurtures brand trust and brand loyalty and inspires a repeat customer for life.

The takeaway? Your message will leave a taste in the mouth. Will it be pie or cheesecake?

If you’re ready for dessert, let’s chat.


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