Nice logo. So what.

Identity Crisis

Do you remember Enron®? They were considered one of the largest and most innovative energy companies in the world. Do you remember Enron’s logo? A graphically strong, oversized, tilted capital “E” symbolizing an industry leader’s forward-thinking approach. The clean, contemporary font features the company’s name, “ENRON,” in a rich deep blue conveying a sense of power, authority, and stability. One look: Man, it’s almost perfect.

However, scandal, fraud, and manipulated accounting practices ultimately led to bankruptcy, prosecution, and investors losing billions of dollars. What comes to mind today when we see the Enron logo? Perhaps betrayal, deceit, and corporate greed? The same sentiments we would’ve had if we had known of the misconduct happening behind the Enron façade prior to the truth being revealed. In hindsight, the incongruency of brand message and core values is obvious—and it’s an identity problem.

With or Without You

Is a logo a brand? No. A logo is a visual marketing device used to help customers identify a company. Simply put, a brand is the reputation, the thought that comes to mind, when seeing a company’s logo. Whatever that thought is, THAT IS THE BRAND. And the best brands are not only identifiable, but they are also identified with.

A Unified Personality

It’s wisdom to understand your company’s values before investing in an identity refresh for a consistent brand experience.
🎯 Take the time to clearly articulate the core values that drive your business. Your values should serve as the foundation of your brand identity. 
🎯 Illustrate how your brand is living out its values in action. A relatable backstory has the power to evoke emotion and create lasting connections with your audience.
🎯 Ensure that your brand’s messaging aligns authentically with your values and is in harmony with your customers’ values. Folks can spot insincerity right away.
🎯 Crafting a brand promise centered on the needs and worries of your audience communicates your genuine concern for them. Highlighting your own attributes and advantages fails to solve a customer’s problems.

While a logo may catch the eye, it’s your values and reputation that resonate with customers and capture their hearts and minds. By prioritizing authenticity, purpose-driven storytelling, and corporate responsibility, businesses can create meaningful connections with their audience and stand out from the competition. This is a successful brand. This is Communicreation℠.

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