Marketing Tithes℠

A principle that promises pennies from heaven.

“Tithe” is rooted in the Old English word “teogotha,” meaning “a tenth.” The tithe is reflected in ancient cultures as the practice of giving one-tenth of one’s possessions or income as a gesture of thankfulness. Today, people may use it to refer to any regular, fixed percentage or portion of their income or resources given to charitable causes or organizations. It has become a broader concept related to philanthropy and supporting various social or community initiatives.

One out of every 10 makes you a 10 to everyone.

In today’s competitive landscape, where product differentiations can be minimal, the way a brand engages with its community and reciprocates support can be a powerful distinguishing factor. The Marketing Tithe℠, the act of allocating some portion of a company’s marketing budget to give back to customers and their interests, is not just a grateful response; it’s a strategic move that can set a brand apart from the competition. The Marketing Tithe has its ROI, such as:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Positive brand reputation
  • Attracting socially conscious clients
  • Advantage in employee recruitment
  • Strong community ties

What comes around goes around and comes around again!

This notion of paying it backwards is fundamental to Burgard’s Communicreation℠ philosophy. We understand that when a company willingly shares a portion of its earnings with those whose values align with its own, especially its clients, it fosters a mutual exchange of trust, loyalty, gratitude, and prosperity. Consider a Marketing Tithe through:

  • Support: Charities and causes always need funding and will promote you for doing so.
  • Rewards: Investing in customer loyalty is one of the fastest ways to grow a business.
  • Surprises: A hand-written thank-you note, or personalized gift creates a memorable experience that connects on an emotional level.
  • Education: Equipping customers with knowledge via workshops, free eBooks, and webinars builds trust.

In the words of Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, “Givers gain.” Speaking from personal experience, that’s a principle you can invest in that pays dividends.

Paybacks are a tithe. Let’s chat. 


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