If everybody does what’s easy all the hard stuff gets done.

When efficiency gets weighed down by resourcefulness.

It happens in every business and department, and maybe even to you. A great employee makes it seem effortless. Dependability, trustworthiness, commitment, and a good bit of knack pave the way for an individual’s success. And now, a new position becomes available! It’s only logical for budget- and resource-conscious HR folks to assume that the same success will replicate itself when moving this model employee into that new role. It’s a move that management thinks is efficient and cost-effective. The probable result? Frustration, delays, and ultimately, subpar results.

A cascade of inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Let’s start with a simple truth: Not everyone is cut out for every task. In marketing and branding situations, this approach can be particularly damaging. Yet, we see it all the time within marketing departments. Receptionist reimagined as a graphic designer; CEO morphed into social media maven; department manager christened compelling content creator.

Your marketing efforts are a reflection of your brand’s identity and values. That’s the soul of Communicreation℠. Entrusting critical tasks to unqualified individuals undermines marketing effectiveness and erodes trust and credibility with your audience.

So what’s the solution? 

It’s even simpler. Play to people’s strengths. Remember:

  • Take the time to assess each individual’s skills, experiences, and passions, and assign tasks accordingly.  
  • Provide opportunities for education and advancement for each employee’s most suitable role. 
  • Offer challenges, new duties, and role changes that are closely aligned—laterally or vertically—with the employee’s current position.
  • Ensure each move is easily reversible if it is not a good fit.

In conclusion, if everybody does what’s easy FOR THEM, all the hard stuff gets done. By leveraging individual strengths and delegating tasks accordingly, you increase efficiency and foster a culture of job satisfaction and team collaboration. 

Working smart makes the job easy and the burden light. 

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