Grow your business.

Whoa, Nelly! Hold your horses! Close the gate!

Don’t panic. What I’m about to share is not a radical 21st-century off-the-wall business development concept encouraging total liquidation and unconditional donation. Nor am I a proponent of free consultation and unnecessary discounts. Instead, here’s a bit of simple ancient wisdom that, when applied, waters the perennial brand seeds of a growing business.  

Again, “it” is NOT your business or assets. Let’s define the brand “it”-factor I’m talking about.

it (ət), pron.,mindset coupled with behaviors freely and generously expressed with customers, vendors, and employees alike that nurtures transactional trust and compels community among all people who engage with you and your business, such as:

  • prioritizing THEIR concerns over yours;
  • delivering on common core VALUES as well as value; and
  • focusing on long-term HUMAN IMPACT vs. short-term business goals.

At Burgard, we call this Communicreation™. 

You can’t control what others think of your brand, but you can control what you hand them to think about. Want a brand that communicreates? Give “it” away.

Craving some of “it”? Let’s chat.

A recent message by Senior Pastor Jason Mitchell at LCBC Church inspired this blog:


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