Great Marketing Turns People Off!


The meaning is simple and the intent is noble—stay positive and don’t welcome negativity into your life. Protect your space and mental health from the negative effects of others. 

It’s this pop-culture mantra that compels us to actively avoid anything negative. In the business world, this means avoiding any messaging that might “turn somebody off.” But what if I told you that while good marketing might turn everyone on, GREAT marketing will turn some people off! 

If this sounds crazy, don’t worry—it’s a nonintuitive paradigm shift. But once your business makes it, it can be truly transformative for the following reasons: 

Not everyone is an ideal client.

Whether it’s a values disconnect, the budget is too low, or it’s an organization that doesn’t need your core services, it won’t make sense to do business with everyone. Naturally, therefore, it doesn’t make sense to field conversations or entertain partnerships with these businesses. Marketing that softly and respectfully “doesn’t speak” to these people, or even convinces them there’s little point to reaching out, ensures your organization doesn’t waste time with poor prospects. Speaking of which . . .

Avoid wasting your sales staff’s time.

Ask a salesperson if they’re busy . . . (if they’re not, check out our blog on how to change that). The fact of the matter is that it takes an average of 8–12 touches with a prospect to get to a sale—an average sale. Consider how many leads your team has to go through from mailing lists, forms, trade shows, digital advertising, etc., and it adds up pretty quickly. The WORST thing you can do for this person is send them poorly qualified leads, which wastes their time and likely distracts them from good leads that could turn into business. Turning off folks who are NOT ideal clients keeps your sales staff focused on potential fits that will enrich the future of your business. 

Protect your brand value.

Businesses are often focused on value, which is transactional. And yes, it keeps the lights on and provides payroll. Value is important—but VALUES are the foundation of a sustainable business that continues to grow and thrive. And we don’t all share values. By marketing your company in a way that puts values at the forefront, you’ll attract like-minded people and organizations. And, by the same token, you’ll avoid prospects where values clash. While this could mean missing out on a short-term transaction, it ensures that you stay committed to the true heart and soul of your company for the long term. 


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