Great Marketing Turns People Off

Three reasons why turning people off can lead to success.

1. Not everyone is an ideal client.

Whether it’s a misalignment of VALUES, a budget mismatch, or simply a case where your core services aren’t needed, it’s okay to acknowledge that some prospects aren’t a good fit. In fact, it’s smart business. By crafting marketing messages that Communicreate℠ (make values-centric connections with prospects while gently and respectfully disengaging those who aren’t a good fit), you save your organization valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent chasing down leads that will never pan out. 

2. Protect your sales team’s time.  

Ever asked a salesperson if they’re busy? (If they’re not, check out our blog on how to change that). Ask a salesperson the average number of touches to get a sale, and you’ll likely hear somewhere between 8–12. Now, multiply that by the sheer volume of leads your team has to sift through—mailing lists, forms, trade shows, digital ads—the list goes on. Poorly qualified leads waste their time and distract them from pursuing genuinely promising opportunities. Marketing that filters out those who aren’t a good fit allows your sales team to focus their efforts where they’ll yield the best results.

3. Preserve your brand’s integrity. 

Businesses often focus on value, which is transactional. And yes, transactions pay the bills. Value is important—but VALUES are the foundation of a sustainable business that continues to grow and thrive. And we don’t all share values. By marketing your company in a way that puts values at the forefront, you’ll attract like-minded people and organizations. And you’ll avoid prospects where values clash. While this could mean missing out on a short-term transaction, it ensures that you stay committed to your company’s true heart and soul for the long term.

Communicreating℠ isn’t about attracting everyone—it’s about attracting the right ones. Be selective in who you target and how you communicate your brand’s VALUES. You’ll save time and resources while building a stronger, more authentic connection with your ideal audience.

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