Does Your Brand Pass the Sniff Test?

Of the five senses, smell is the one with the best memory.

Now, think of your brand as a fine perfume. Is it a pleasing fragrance that shifts the mood and soothes the mind? When your brand enters the room, does it exude an irresistible aroma that entices others to discover? Does it have interested parties imagining themselves in fellowship with the source? Not sure? Most aren’t.

You may want to consider the following:

  • Does your brand exemplify your core values?
  • What values message are you asking others to identify with?
  • How are others responding to that message?
  • Are your message and their response congruent?
  • If they are congruent, is it true?
  • Does the truth stink?

We’ve all worked hard on defining and refining our brand formula. Painstakingly creating a persona, an image, a message we wish others to understand, adopt, and transactionally trust. But in the end, isn’t a brand simply your reputation, the thought that comes to mind when getting a whiff of your name? And, when that thought is redolent of honesty and vulnerability—isn’t it intoxicating? That is the scent of Communicreation℠!

Your brand will be remembered. And nothing is more memorable than a smell.

Does your brand pass the sniff test? Let’s chat.


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